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October 2023

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  1. Mon Oct. 2

    Cycling w/ Krissy Indoor cycling using Stages bikes focuses on endur...
    Cycling w/ Krissy
  2. Mon Oct. 2

    Yoga w/ Nicole Help restore balance to your body. This nurturing ...
    Yoga w/ Nicole
  3. Mon Oct. 2

    Aqua-Tabata w/ Jen Aqua-Tabata is low impact exercises in the pool pr...
    Aqua-Tabata w/ Jen
  4. Mon Oct. 2

    Strong Nation® w/ Andrea Strong Nation® combines body weight, muscle condit...
    Strong Nation® w/ Andrea
  1. Mon Oct. 2

    Aqua Fit w/ Cathi A fun, medium to high intensity-low impact water w...
    Aqua Fit w/ Cathi
  2. Mon Oct. 2

    Silver Sneakers w/ Maureen Have fun and move to the music through a variety o...
    Silver Sneakers w/ Maureen
  3. Mon Oct. 2

    Vinyasa Yoga w/ Brynn Vinyasa Yoga-A fitness inspired Vinyasa practice d...
    Vinyasa Yoga w/ Brynn
  4. Mon Oct. 2

    Cycling w/ Kim Indoor cycling using Stages bikes focuses on endur...
    Cycling w/ Kim
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Please subscribe to our calendar above to stay up-to-date on our fitness class offerings, also keep an eye out on our Facebook Page as we will be supplementing our Group Fitness Schedule with Pop-Up Classes. These classes will be in a unique format, location or theme. We will post information on Pop-Up Classes 24 to 48 hours prior to the class! 


  • Please Click Here to be linked to the City YouTube Channel and the Home Fitness Series.
  • Some class sizes will be limited
  • Classes in Studio 2 will enter the room starting with the farthest from the door to the area closest to the door.
  • Cycling Registration can be done online through, 30 minutes prior to the class. Club ID is GB250.