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City Administrator - Amber Powers

Amber Powers was appointed to serve as the City Administrator for the City of Papillion, Neb., in July 2020. Powers began employment for the City in August 2017 as Assistant City Administrator. 

Powers has a Master of Public Administration degree with a specialization in State and Local Government and a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Political Science and History, both from the University of South Dakota. She received the designation of Credentialed Manager by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) in 2018.

As City Administrator, Powers is responsible for the daily operation and overall administration of city government through the performance of supervisory, administrative, and financial functions. The position ensures the efficient and effective implementation of policies and priorities as defined by the City Council. All City departments are under the direction of the City Administrator. The office of the City Administrator is filled by appointment of the Mayor with the consent of the majority of City Council.

Powers was previously the City Administrator/Clerk for the City of Anthony, Kansas, where she served for seven years.

Deputy City Administrator - Phil Green

Phil Green was appointed Deputy City Administrator on February 4, 2020. As Deputy City Administrator, Green is responsible for assisting with the daily operations of city government, conducting research and special projects, and managing complex administrative, personnel, financial and policy functions.

Green was previously the Assistant City Administrator for the City of Blair, where he served for 15 years.

Deputy Administrator of Community Development - Mark Stursma

Mark Stursma was appointed Deputy Administrator of Community Development on May 3, 2022. Stursma oversees the Planning and Building departments and is responsible for ensuring the quality and compatibility of new development and redevelopment in Papillion’s jurisdiction. He also serves as a liaison to outside stakeholders navigating the City’s processes associated with development.

Stursma has worked for the City of Papillion for 18 years. Overall, he has a 28-year career in the field of planning and development, including a variety of experience working in both the public and private sectors.

Executive Assistant - Robin Lance

Robin Lance serves as Executive Assistant to the Mayor, City Administrator and Assistant City Administrator. In addition to a variety of specialty work, Lance manages scheduling and often serves as the central communication link for the Mayor's Office and Administration.